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Global Recruiters is fully committed to you. We take your goals and ambitions and turn them into tangible results. We’re passionate in our efforts to search for the highest-performing and optimally-fit executive talent to propel your business forward.

Our executive recruiting goes beyond the qualifications. In our sourcing strategies, we look for talent who are just as passionate and success-driven as we are. Explore how we have helped businesses find the heroes of their success stories.

Case study


A highly skilled specialist in chemical and mechanical manufacturing. He served as Vice President of Product Development.


Robert’s Mission

Robert was brought in to oversee product development using chemical additives across multiple industries.


Result: Nearly Tripled Revenue

Robert made an immediate impact, which helped skyrocket sales – going from $17 million to $24 million in revenue.

Case study


A high-energy and outgoing leader in the corporate environment. She served as one of the first HR managers for a holding company.


Christy’s Mission

Her goal as an HR manager was to manage compensation, benefits, client relationships, and training development.


Result: Established a Cultural Standard

Her people-first attitude and willingness to support the entire team helped with employee retention and building the company culture to reach a rank of second “best places to work” in Fort Worth.

Case study


A team-oriented and sociable salesperson with strong technical capabilities. He served in the sales department for an oil & gas service company.


Mike’s Mission

His goal was to assist a service company in the oil & gas industry with improving and increasing their sales numbers.


Result: Instant Revenue Generation

He was able to generate revenue at 3x the speed. Mike matched the amount previously made in six months in only two.