Propel Your Business Forward with Targeted Executive Recruitment, Expert Consulting, and Critical Connections for FundRaising Support

Executive Recruiting


Talent Acquisition

Discover high-performing and optimally-fit executive talent to accelerate your growth.


Talent Retention

Gain talent you can retain for all stages of business growth and provide long-term solutions.


Strategic Sourcing

Develop comprehensive sourcing strategies to discover motivated and result-driven leaders.


Industry Expertise

We specialize in locating talent in the oil & gas, private equity, manufacturing, and service industries.



Expert Guidance

Get specialized expertise in various business areas to help inform your decisions.


Strategic Insights

Develop and execute strategic plans to achieve your business goals.


Efficiency Improvement

Analyze operations and processes to identify improvements and increase efficiency.


Market Research

Gain detailed market insights and research to help you make data-based choices.


Customized Solutions

Get a personalized strategy and action plan optimized to match your unique needs.


Change Management and Implementation Support

Navigate organizational changes smoothly with expert guidance and hands-on assistance to implement recommended strategies effectively.



Strategic Investor Connections

We strategically connect you with the right investors who align with your fundraising goals and industry needs.


Investor Network Expansion

Expand your network of potential investors and gain access to a curated list of contacts within your specified time frame.


Pitch Deck Enhancement

Our team helps you fine-tune and enhance your pitch deck, ensuring it resonates with investors and effectively communicates your vision.


Fundraising Strategy Development

Together, we’ll develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy, including pitch deck enhancements, investor outreach, and strategic implementation plans.

Executive Excellence: Elevate Your Business with Top Talent and Strategic Leadership

Global Recruiters Fortworth

Acquire Success-Driven Executives

Score top-performing executive talent who can efficiently take your business to the next level.

Global Recruiters Fortworth

Achieve Growth and Scale

Accelerate your growth and increase operational performance to accomplish your business goals effectively.

Global Recruiters Fortworth

Receive Professional & Data-Backed Insights

Inform your decisions with professional and research-based insights from our team of recruiting experts.

Global Recruiters Fortworth

Gain Team-Oriented Leaders

Attain culturally fit leaders who uphold your business’s values and are fully devoted to your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries or businesses do you specialize in?

Global Recruiters specializes in locating executive talent for businesses in various industries, especially:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Private Equity/Venture
  • Manufacturing
  • Service

While we are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we have capabilities to perform executive recruitment beyond the DFW proper. We have worked with many businesses that span multiple states and even operate outside of Texas.

We use a comprehensive search process when looking for executive talent.

  1. Initial consultation – We meet with you to learn more about your company’s vision, strategy, and the qualities you’re looking for in a leader.
  2. Market analysis – We analyze the market to see which candidates match the qualifications. We may even find talent who can be cross-trained.
  3. Candidate profiling – We use professional assessments to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s character and leadership type. 
  4. Talent screening – We do an initial interview with candidates to evaluate how well they align with a client’s company culture.
  5. Client interview – We narrow down the top candidates and send them to the client for a formal interview.

We specialize in forming strategic partnerships with organizations that are deeply committed to their growth and recognize the immense value of professional consulting and guidance cultivated over two decades of business development expertise. While we understand the initial appeal of contingent business relationships, our ultimate goal is to foster such a strong partnership that our clients choose to transition into retainers, where they become our highest priority, ensuring ongoing support and dedication to their success.

We have helped businesses hire for a variety of positions at the executive, C-Suite, and staffing levels, typically beginning (or entering) at the C-Suite level and expanding to roles such as:

    • Tax Dir
    • Tax Manager, Business Tax Services
    • Staff Accountant
    • Sr. Fin. Controller
    • HR manager
    • VP of Product Dev
    • Chief Knowledge Officer
    • Head of Capital Markets
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer


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